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The Best Sunscreens

Summer means sun and sun means sunscreen. The best sunscreens come with a combination of ingredients that not only block ultraviolet light, but treat your skin well in the process. Before even thinking about buying a sun block that you think is right for you, check out which ingredients are best for your skin.


·      Ecamscule: newly approved and a great UVA ray defense. Not cheap.

·      Avobenzone: not a good ingredient for sunscreens, because it breaks down when exposed to sunlight. Avoid avobenzone if you can.

·      Titanium dioxide/zinc oxide: trusty and used for years. Less expensive option compared to ecamscule. Best option for babies and sensitive skin.

Another factor, the SPF of a sunscreen, also plays into the decision-making process. The lowest SPF in your arsenal should stop at SPF 15. This SPF level multiplies by a factor of 15: if you burn in 10 minutes without sunscreen, multiply that by 15 and you can go 150 minutes for burning, according to experts at WebMD. That doesn’t help those with fair skin or those who have skin cancer in the family history. If that’s the case, stick with SPFs 30 or higher.

The world finally learned its lesson on fake tans and recognizes that sun block is an investment, not just a whim. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to bleed money to defend your skin. Protect your melanin with these affordable UV-blocking warriors for the best natural (and healthy) tan this summer.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Sunscreen Stick, SPF 50

·      $4

·      best for quick, touch-up applications

·      jam-packed with ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil

·      prevents dark spots, uneven skin tone and aging


Jergen’s Natural Glow, SPF 20

·      $7

·      provides broad-spectrum defense

·      use as a gradual self-tanner

·      doubles as a moisturizer

·      skin tone specific


Coppertone Sport Spray, SPF 30

·      $7.99

·      quick-dry formula

·      sweatproof and waterproof

·      spray nozzle provides effortless application


Kiss My Face Factor for Face and Neck, SPF 30

·      $9.71

·      sensitive skin friendly

·      light and easy absorption

·      doesn’t cause acne


Coppertone NutraShield with Dual Defense Lotion, SPF 30 

·      $9.99

·      featherweight formula

·      provides skin with vitamins A, B5 and E

·      ingredients include Indian gooseberry extract


Banana Boat Ultra Defense UltraMist, SPF 85

·      $10.49

·      aloe-laced formula

·      mist provides quick absorption

·      sweat and kid friendly


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunscreen, SPF 70

·      $12.99

·      combination and sensitive skin friendly

·      not sweatproof

·      not greasy


For more help and information on picking the right sunscreen for you, researching online at websites such as WebMD.com or health.com is key.

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