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The Best Picnic Spots in Alabama Featured

With warmer days and the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, the greater outdoors serve many purposes. Fishing, swimming and hiking are just a few, but the best places are those with prime picnicking real estate.  Here are some of those great spaces!




Park at Manderson Landing           

Literally across the street from The University of Alabama, the Park at Manderson Landing offers a great view to go along with a mid afternoon picnic. The park has a prime view of The Black Warrior River and has many tables to choose from if grass doesn’t cut it. A pavilion serves as insurance against inclement weather and the landing offers plenty of seating. Sharing space with the University’s rowing team, the Park at Manderson Landing never lacks in sights to see.

Munny Sokol Park

Though located in the Northport area, Munny Sokol Park boasts more than enough acreage to spread out a blanket and chow down on some grub. The recreational fields can offer a chance to see a free sporting event, while the recently installed dog park provides a special view of its own. The park’s Willow Shelter provides visitors with electricity, grills, picnic tables and more for the whole family.




Vulcan Park and Museum

What better way to picnic than with the city at your feet? Spread out and snack around the Vulcan himself while enjoying the view from Red Mountain. The view demands your attention and a chance to view Birmingham from above only enhances the simplicity of picnicking. Afterwards, a visit to the Vulcan museum is only $6 for adults.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Surrounding visitors with more than 12,000+ plants, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a prime location for picnic spots. The area holds more than 20 gardens, is free and is family friendly. The gardens always holds events from Earth Day at The Gardens to the seasonal plant sales, offering enough entertainment after a simple lunch spread.




Oak Park

With picnic shelters, a pond and playgrounds to boot, Oak Park is a no-brainer for having a picnic. The landscape grabs the eye with over 40 acres of gardens and there’s even a Wifi hotspot. Walking trails and fishing spots round out the picnic experience by offering activities for after the meal. Whether it’s playing a round of horseshoes or visiting the planetarium, Oak Park provides all that’s needed for a perfect picnic day.

Riverfront Park

Though an entertainment space by default with the Amphitheater, the Riverfront Park’s view isn’t one to miss. A picnic paradise, the park offers a beautiful view of the Alabama River. After filling up on a meal, the park offers a splash pad and more to keep visitors coming back for more. Whether it’s heading down to the boat dock or watching some baseball in Riverwalk Stadium, the prime picnic spots always have more than meets the eye.


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