Halloween Alternatives for Kids Who Have Allergies

28 Oct 2016 Courtney Corbridge

By the time summer rolled around each year, the only things left in my trick-or-treat pillowcase at the base of my closet were a few rolls of Smarties and a bunch of empty wrappers.

Summer popsicles and ice cream cones set my sweet tooth at bay, but by September, when I found myself back in school, I often had one thing on the edge of my mind—Halloween. I dreamed of dressing up, bringing home my weight in chocolate, and then trading out treats with my siblings on the living room floor. It was one of the great meccas of childhood. 

But not for everyone. In fact, while almost all of my friends loved dressing up and going from house to house, a few of them got the short end of the stick when it came to trick or treating. And the biggest setback was typically allergies! One of my closest friends was actually allergic to chocolate! Can you imagine? Others had peanut allergies, and others weren’t allowed to have sugar. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common thing for a lot of kids. The most common kid allergies include milk, eggs, nuts, and wheat. So how can we help those deserving kids find the magic in Halloween and trick or treating as well? Here are a few alternatives you can consider to your typical candy-in-a-bowl routine. Hope this helps!


--Mini Nail Polish 

--Spider Stamps 

--Hair Accessories 

--Crazy Straws 

--Small Bags of Legos 

--Mini Whistles 

--Mini Bubbles Bottles 

--Foam Masks 


--Halloween Cookie Cutters 

--Finger Puppets 

--Mini Notepads or Coloring Books 

--Temporary Tattoos 

--Bouncy Balls 

--Mini Slinkys 

--Halloween Rings 

--Halloween Erasers 

--Mini Playdoughs 


--Sticky Hands 


--Fake Dracula Teeth 

--Mini Flash Lights

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