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Take Back Your Thanksgivmas

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By Chloe Monte


Remember the family that would keep the Christmas tree up all year?  Remember them?  You know the ones!  They were the eccentric family on the block whose sanity you questioned.  You asked yourself, “How could someone have such a continuous celebration spirit?  Does that not take away the essence of what Christmas is?  And what is December 25th to them if July 25th is identical?”  Ultimately, you resigned these thoughts to conclude, “To each his own.  If it makes them happy, then go for it!” 


What we, the categorical Christmas celebrators, did not realize was that they were ahead of their time!  They were innovative while we were naysayers.  They were trendy before there was an entire zeitgeist industry.  That’s right, they were simply living in the future! 


I write this article from the year 2050.  And in this year, we celebrate Christmas all year round.   We live in a perpetual state of green and red.  Stores have created, to continue increasing sales, virtual environments where you are taken back to your happiest Christmas memory via retail time machines and invented ornaments that give you boosts of endorphins whenever you touch them so to classically condition your opinion toward Christmas and excessive spending. 


Also, Christmas is no longer called Christmas.  A decade ago, Congress, after realizing the entire United States economy was built on Christmas revenue and any dip in Christmas revenue would cause a collapse to our economy, decided to call the holiday in perpetuity “Thanksgivmas”.  As well, there has been talk about enacting a flat tax that would automatically deduct 30% of our paycheck every month so to be put toward the Thanksgivmas economy to prevent any dips in consumption.  


Families no longer receive December 25th off as a vacation holiday, either.  December 25th no longer means anything; it’s just another Thanskgivmas day.  And what has happened to Black Friday, you ask?  Stores have created sections called the Black Daily where deals are had in rotation.    


Where did we go wrong?  How did this begin?  I’ll tell you how it began.  It began when we started trampling one another on Black Friday for a TV that is now obsolete and worth nothing!  That’s right, we are to blame!  The temptation was laid in front of us and we fell for it, Christmas tree hook, garland, and bulb.   


But this does not have to be your future.  You can change your habits now!


You can use this time to volunteer.  You can spend more time with family and friends.  You can go outside and enjoy the fresh air.  You can take up a painting class or travel.   Do anything but buy Christmas ornaments on October 1st


Take back Thanksgivmas season and let Christmas be Christmas and Thanksgiving be Thanksgiving. 


Article sponsored by Youth for Christ Tuscaloosa.

Find them on the web at: www.tuscaloosayfc.org



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