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Effective Ways to Discuss Prenuptial Agreements

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By Sherry Holmes


A prenuptial discussion is probably not high on any engaged person’s “to do” list. No, it’s most likely down at the bottom, and with good reason: The discussions about prenuptial agreements can be super awkward.

Here’s the thing, though: If you both are entering into a marriage with a lot of assets, having a prenup is necessary. In theory, prenuptial agreements can protect both partners, providing an equitable solution in the event that the marriage doesn’t work out and ends in divorce. No, it’s not something engaged couples like to think about – but they should. Because if you take some steps now to try and work through prenuptial agreement details, it can help protect you in the future if something goes wrong.


Pick the right minute to discuss a prenuptial agreement with your future life partner. Try not to spring the idea out of the blue at the last-minute. Be proactive: Broach the subject well in advance of the wedding. This will allow both of you to talk about the subject freely and openly, without so much pre-wedding chaos going on.


Test the waters with your partner. Raise the thought of a prenuptial understanding amid easygoing discussion, and give careful consideration to the response you get. Does your future bride or groom bristle at the idea of a prenup? The response will help you gauge future discussions, and how they’ll go.


Keep things positive. Approach the discussion about a prenuptial agreement as positively as you can. Be clear when you explain the way you feel, and emphasize to your future mate that a prenup doesn’t mean a lack of commitment or trust from you.


Present the idea of a prenup as a collaborative effort. Both partners should be heavily involved in discussions of the details of the agreement. And by all means, if any issues do arise, deal with them together.


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