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Lake Living: Stepping Out, Recharging and Enjoying Life Featured

24 Sep 2015

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By Allison Adams


I’ve seen too many young people die recently. One was busy following the inherent dream he knew he had been meant to do since childhood. Another was busily working towards and close to the “one day” that he would be able to live the life he had set up to celebrate living. Another took his own life. There was no warning for either of these. In an instant life ended.


We have all heard it: We are just passing through - just a flutter of influence to hopefully make a difference in life. We have one chance, and one life. So why is it that some people embrace every opportunity, inviting the sunshine in, and others hide from the dark shadow of one tiny cloud on the very same horizon?


I know a couple. He is 90 and she is, well, let’s say in her late 60s (she likes to say that to feel “younger”). Every morning they exercise together. They travel and live life to the fullest. They have a date night each week. They didn’t marry until he was 80 – after each lost their “lifetime” loves and companions. A spark of life still lives on in them. Their inner youth is contagious. He recently crossed Grandfather Mountain with my husband and me with a spring in his step the whole way. Until I knew them, I barely thought of life into my 90s. Now, at almost 50 (I know! I can’t believe it! I wrote it!), I have hope that I can continue to live with a young heart as they do.


I know a man who is 70 and in a nursing home - his tired body tortured by years of vivid living. He sits around, not even interested in the old guitar that fed his ego and his life, simply waiting until the end of his chapter. Another woman in a nursing home sprints each day a visitor appears to beat them to the door. Her body is in good shape, but her mind is unable to comprehend what might happen should she make the escape.


I know some who covet items instead of activities. How many times have those “decorative treasures” been the very things that children remember over their accomplishments? A child runs in with the first finger painting she is proud of, dropping it on the expensive Oriental rug or smashing some trinket her mama always dreamed of acquiring. The creative moment is lost forever - squashed by the raging memory brought on about a spoiled square of wool or a broken vase.


What does this have to do with lake living? Well, everything and perhaps nothing. That is up to you to discover. Embrace today as if it might be your last. Find that place that reminds you of life. I still look at the lake with wonder, seeing a different wave or scene each day. Life is evident as deer make their way to the shore or a snake slithers across the yard, a large bird eyeing it from above. Today, new hummingbirds hovered around a feeder outside my window.


What do you see that makes you recharge with life?


If you didn’t catch the recent meteor shower, it’s not your fault. Too many of us are just living our lives with our heads in the sand. Today, make it a goal to get out of the sand and stick your toes in some cool grass. Toss a ball with a strangers kids if your own aren’t answering. I know, that is stepping out, right? We’re “not supposed to talk to strangers.” Freeing, isn’t it? You can’t be lonely when you just got challenged to meet new people!


Dig out that old ________ (you fill in the blank) from the garage or the attic. Remember how you used to love to use it. Go paddle that canoe, catch that fish you keep talking about, whack that ball, or fly that model airplane you’ve had boxed up and let it soar!  And lo and behold, get out that China and put away the paper. Use the real good stuff tonight. Use it every night. After all, you are still here, and isn’t that the best reason to celebrate?


Cheers! And if none of this puts life in your sails, just know, football is on the way!



Allison Adams


Find Allison’s musings at www.allisonpadams.com and her recent Tuscaloosa related coloring pages for all ages at www.southernscribblings.com. Follow her on Twitter at @ArtAllie.


Article sponsored by DCH Health System.

Find them on the web at: https://www.dchsystem.com



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